Two Verdicts Just In: TeleSeminar


Two Verdicts just in: Armstrong vs Express Ranches, LLC and

Gentner vs Metlife teleseminar

Thursday, July 25, 2019
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
1.0 CLE Credit

In the last three months, both MetLife and Liberty Mutual refused to do more than crunch medical expense numbers – and they forced two cases to trial that should have been settled fairly. New Mexico juries spoke loud and clear that when people are injured, they will make sure that the victims are fairly, and fully, compensated. 

Verdicts total $5,256,000 and $1,258,324


Eric and Luke Armstrong were hit by shrapnel when a guide from the neighboring ranch had his hunters shoot towards the property line.  Luke got hit in the lip and Eric got a piece of the bullet in his abdomen.  Medical treatment and expenses were minimal.

The Ranch was owned by Express Ranches and was insured by Liberty Mutual. Instead of engaging in negotiation to settle the case, the defendant refused to offer any money for settlement and said there was no liability. The insurance company could never do more than look at the amount of medical expenses and other economic damages. The defendant and insurance company failed to appreciate the effect of the injuries on Luke and Eric’s lives, how the injuries changed their lives and how a jury might view them as people, instead of discrete body parts. 

The jury rejected the “Accidents Happen” defense and was willing to return a verdict that demonstrated their desire to enforce safety rules, their respect for hunting and their willingness to give significant value to human life, even if the plaintiffs looked OK.

Pre-suit Rule 68 Offer of Settlement from Liberty Mutual was $180,000. The total verdict was $5,256,000.


Tom Gentner was hit by an oncoming driver while he was driving his mail truck. Tom had good UIM insurance. Tom suffered two torn rotator cuffs and a fractured vertebrae. MetLife, his insurer, contested the injuries, blamed pre-existing conditions, and generally dragged Tom through the mud. Pre-trial MetLIfe made a Rule 68 settlement offer of $600,000.

The case went to verdict in Federal Court and the jury returned a verdict in the amount of $1,258,324.


Presenters: Lee Hunt., Esq.
Moderator: Dusti Harvey, Esq.

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