Sustaining Members
The following members support the Association through the Sustaining Membership category. Each of these members pays dues of $500.00 annually. Because of this support NMTLA carries on its programs and continues its mission.

Paul F. Abrams, Santa Fe
Esteban A. Aguilar, Jr., Albuquerque
Esteban A. Aguilar, Sr., Albuquerque
Steven R. Almanzar, Las Cruces

Michael Armstrong, Albuquerque
Ahmad Assed, Albuquerue

Arthur Bailey III, Santa Fe
Paul D. Barber, Albuquerque
Elias Barela, Los Lunas
Jared M. Barliant, Santa Fe
Lynn A. Barnhill, Albuquerque
Theodore Barudin, Albuquerque
Christopher P. Bauman, Albuquerque
Marcy G. Baysinger, Albuquerque
Lori Bencoe, Albuquerque
David Berardinelli, Santa Fe
Carl Bettinger, Albuquerque
Kristina Bogardus, Albuquerque
Scott Borg, Albuquerque
V. Arthur Bova, Jr., Albuquerque
Margaret M. Branch, Albuquerque

Jeffrey C. Brown, Albuquerque
Whitney C. Buchanan, Albuquerque
Barbara J. Buck, Albuquerque
Timothy L. Butler, Santa Fe
Christopher R. Carlsen, Santa Fe
Allegra Carpenter, Albuquerque
William Carpenter, Albuquerque
Kathleen D. Carter, Albuquerque

Patrick Casey, Santa Fe
Gregory Chase, Albuquerque
Steven M. Chavez, Los Lunas
Randy Clark, Roswell
Russell Dean Clark, Las Cruces
Jeffrey H. Cluff, Lubbock, TX
Greig Coates, Austin, TX
Robert Crollett, Taos

Nancy Cronin, Albuquerque
Peter V. Culbert, Santa Fe
Katie Curry, Albuquerque
Lisa K. Curtis, Albuquerque
George "Ben" Davis, Albuquerque
Philip B. Davis, Albuquerque
Michael Doyle, Los Lunas
David Duhigg, Albuquerque
Michael G. Duran, Albuquerque
Stephen Durkovich, Santa Fe
Roger Eaton, Albuquerque
Marc Walker Edwards, Santa Fe
Daymon B. Ely, Albuquerue
Steven Ewing, Albuquerque
Sam Fadduol, Lubbock, TX
Steven G. Farber, Santa Fe
David Fine, Albuquerque
Charles R. Finley, Albuquerque
Greta Fischer, Odessa, TX
Jack L. Fortner, Farmington
David P. Garcia, Santa Fe
Matthew I. Garcia, Albuquerque
Michael T. Garrett, Clovis
Maria G. Geer, Albuquerque
James Gilman, Albuquerque

Kevin Glasheen, Lubbock, TX
Joseph Goldberg, Albuquerque
Steven F. Granberg, Albuquerque
W. Hal Greig, Clovis
Michael R. Griego, Los Lunas
Laurence P. Guggino, Jr., Los Lunas
Richard Hardy, Lubbock, TX
F. Michael Hart, Albuquerque

Dusti Harvey, Albuquerque
Thomas Hastings, Albuquerque
Rachel E. Higgins, Albuquerque
Corbin P. Hildebrandt, Albuquerque
Royce Hoskins, Roswell
David M. Houliston, Albuquerque
Lee Hunt, Santa Fe
Charlotte Itoh, Albuquerque
David Jaramillo, Albuquerque
Mark Jarner, Los Lunas
Julia V. Jarvis, Santa Fe
Tammy Jasionowski, Albuquerque
Eric Sedillo Jeffries, Albuquerque
Val R. Jolley, Farmington
Justin R. Kaufman, Santa Fe
William Keeler, Gallup
Joseph Kennedy, Albuquerque
Randy Knudson, Portales
Cherie LaCour, Albuquerque
Lynda M. Latta, Albuquerque
Pierre Levy, Santa Fe
Michael Lilley, Las Cruces
Thomas E. Lilley, Roswell
Anthony Lopez, Taos

Brigitte U. Lotze, Taos
Kathleen Love, Albuquerque
Amalia S. Lucero, Albuquerque
A. Kevin Martinez, Albuquerque
David B. Martinez, Albuquerque

Randi McGinn, Albuquerque
A. Elicia Montoya, Albuquerque
Ronald Morgan, Albuquerque
Dennis Murphy, Santa Fe

H. Steven Murphy, Farmington
Olivia Neidhardt, Albuqueque
Richard Newsome, Orlando, FL
Joel T. Newton, Las Cruces
Carolyn (Cammie) M. Nichols, Albuquerque
Erin O'Connell, Albuquerque
Lucia M. O'Connor, Albuquerque
Daniel O'Friel, Santa Fe
Christa M. Okon, Santa Fe
Lee Ann Ortiz, Albuquerque
Arnold Padilla, Albuquerque
Bertrand Parnell, Albuquerque
Doug Perrin, Santa Fe
Mark Pickett, Las Cruces
Victor Poulos, El Paso, Texas
Maria D. Preciado, Albuquerque
Charles A. Purdy, Santa Fe
Bryan Query, Albuquerque
George (Tex) Quesada, Dallas, Tx
Andy Ray, Albuquerque

M. Terrence Revo, Albuquerque
Bill Robins, III, Santa Fe
Karl H. Roepke, Albuquerque
Geoffrey Romero, Albuquerque
Michael C. Ross, Albuquerque
Emeterio L. Rudolfo, Farmington
Charles J. Ruhmann IV, El Paso, TX

Angel Saenz, Las Cruces
Pia Salazar, Albuquerque
Dennis T. Sanchez, Taos
Maureen Sanders, Albuquerque
Richard A. Sandoval, Santa Fe
Janet Santillanes, Albuquerque
Joseph A. Sapien, Albuquerque
Robert L. Scott, Albuquerque
Daniel W. Shapiro, Albuquerque
William Snead, Albuquerque
R. Daniel Sorey, Longview, TX
Thomas F. Stewart, Silver City
Arlon L. Stoker, Farmington
David J. Stout, Albuquerque
Mark L. Stout, Hobbs

Michael Stout, Las Cruces
Patrick Sullivan, Albuquerque
John S. Thal, Albuquerque
Bruce E. Thompson, Albuquerque
David K. Thomson, Santa Fe
Victor Titus, Farmington
Denise Torres, Las Cruces
Maria "Mia" Touchet, Albuquerque
Rob Treinen, Albuquerque
Robert Trenchard, Jr., Kermit, Texas
Steven L. Tucker, Santa Fe
Gabrielle Valdez, Albuquerque
Richard J. Valle, Albuquerque
Matthew Alan Vance, Albuquerque
Ray M. Vargas, II, Santa Fe
Adrian O. Vega, Albuquerque
Donald D. Vigil, Albuquerque
Jacob Vigil, Albuquerque
Steven Vogel, Albuquerque
Scott Voorhees, Santa Fe

Roger Wagman, Albuquerque
Dennis K. Wallin, Albuquerque
William Webber, Las Cruces
Dathan L. Weems, Albuquerque
George W. Weeth, Albuquerque
Felicia Weingartner, Albuquerque
Jerry Wertheim, Santa Fe

John Wertheim, Santa Fe
Todd Wertheim, Santa Fe
John Westerman, Farmington
Peter D. White, Santa Fe
Mary I. Wilson, San Antonio, Texas
James H. Wood, Albuquerque

Terry Word, Albuquerque
Joleen K. Youngers, Las Cruces
Shane Youtz, Albuquerque
D. Diego Zamora, Santa Fe

Kevin Zangara, Taos




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