COIR Program


Your contribution supports a fair legal system and laws that protect the rights of injured citizens. Contribution levels include:

Century Club - $200/mo.
COIR Club - $125/mo.
Roll of Honor - $75/mo.


ListservE Suggested Guidelines

There is a broad range of opinions within the NMTLA listserve membership about the amount of regulation that should or should not apply to the content of members’ messages. We do not want to regulate the listserve, but recognize that because the listserve has grown in membership and participation, all members are now receiving a large number of listserve messages each day. The volume of messages, for some, is time consuming to read and can take up large amounts of space on individual computers (depleting computer resources and increasing download times). While it is not the intent of the NMTLA to exercise editorial control over member messages, it is the goal of the NMTLA to promote its usefulness and encourage participation. There is growing concern that the amount of banter is decreasing usage and usefulness of the listserve. In order to educate members about e-mail practices that can increase convenience to all, the following guidelines are suggested: .

  1. Minimize duplication

    - Delete original messages, headers, and footers out of your reply (your e-mail program may have a setting that provides for automatic deletion of the original message in all replies).

    - Avoid sending messages to the entire list that simply echo or approve of the author’s original posting. Instead send your message directly to the author. Replies to the entire list should contain information that is beneficial to all. “Me too” messages should be avoided, “thank you” should be sent privately.

  2. Keep on Subject

    - Make sure the subject line relates to the content of your message. This is important for members receiving the digest format and for members who are searching by topic at a later date.

  3. Include a signature tag on all messages, including your name, affiliation, location, and (ALWAYS) your e-mail address.

    - By fully identifying yourself, participants gain knowledge of the audience and source of postings, an important security aspect of the list.

    - by providing your e-mail address, participants who may only see your name in the “from” line, are able to easily access your e-mail address for sending personal replies to the author instead of the entire list.

One last thing: If your e-mail is really funny – really, really funny – you will most likely be forgiven for departing from the above suggested guidelines under the “sharing the joy” unofficial exception. You will be especially forgiven if your e-mail correctly politically incorrect.



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